Thay has returned to Tu Hieu

Dear friends -

Our Venerable Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has returned to Vietnam and his root Temple in Tu Hieu. He has said that he will continue there until his final transformation. There is a long letter from Plum Village but so far only in Vietnamese. It is on the public page of Nhu Trang’s Facebook page. We will forward the translated letter once we have received it.

Please enjoy this beautiful video of Thay arriving at Tu Hieu as he experience the love of his disciples.

And join us this evening for the Ceremony to Recite the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

A news report from Vietnam states: Thich Nhat Hanh, one of Buddhism’s most influential leaders, said in a letter to his disciples he would live in the Tu Hieu Pagoda in Hue, central Vietnam, where he studied and practiced Zen Buddhism from 1942.

“The Buddhism knowledge and wisdom I learned from Tu Hieu is now spreading all over the world, and I believe it’s time for me to get back to my roots,” he said.

“Students of Tu Hieu are now living and practicing Buddhism in many different places around the world and as a way to remind them of their roots, I want to die here in Tu Hieu.”………

Thay is 92, tomorrow, October 11….

Dear friends -

During our regular Thursday evening practice tomorrow, October 11, we will practice deep love for our teacher, Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. We will have a chance to read together the message sent from Plum Village monastics and to explore our own understanding of “teacher” in the context of our practice.

Smiling, sending love….

Upcoming Practice Period — Waves and Water Sangha

Good evening dear friends –

Sr Dang Nghiem

mindfulness as medicine
This Thursday (tomorrow), we will begin our study of Mindfulness as Medicine: A Story of Healing Body and Spirit by Sr Dang Nghiem. If you do not have a chance to read the book in advance, do not worry! Excerpts will be provided and read before Dharma discussion.

Then, on the first Thursday of October, we will recite the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings of the Order of Interbeing. All are welcome for the recitation and discussion.

The Plum Village meditation app –with talks, chants, meditations, and more–has been released. It appears to be available only for Apple products (please let us know if you discover otherwise). Available at:
You can also explore other Plum Village mindful apps here.

Retreat note from Calgary: November 9-12: Nothing to do, Nowhere to go.
“The Wild Rose Sangha in Calgary is holding a residential retreat with Dharma Teacher Chan Huy (from Montreal) in the mountains this year.  The starry skies and mountain views are a real joy on this retreat.  We would very much enjoy seeing our friends from B.C.”
For more information and registration:


Day of Mindfulness September 15 – Fall schedule

Good evening dear friends

Again, our apologies for the confusion concerning the date of our Day of Mindfulness this month. We will be gathering this coming Saturday – September 15 – at 10:00 am until 3 pm.

Our fall schedule will follow a regular pattern: First Thursdays of each month, we recite and reflect on the Mindfulness Trainings. Second Thursdays we engage in Dharma study. Third Thursdays we practice with a Sutra Service. Fourth Thursdays we read from and discuss a book from the Plum Village tradition. Fifth Thursdays we practice with three periods of sitting and walking and tea.

Our book for this practice period will be Mindfulness as Medicine :
A Story of Healing Body and Spirit
by Sister Dang Nghiem. Click here for more information about the book.

Please feel free to contact us at [] if you any questions.

Day of Mindfulness tomorrow – Sept 8 – CANCELLED

Dear Friends

Due to a scheduling conflict for the zendo space, we are sorry to have to cancel our Day of Mindfulness tomorrow. The Caretaking Council is working to reschedule for another day in September. We will send out a blogpost as soon as we can confirm.
Please accept our sincere apologies.

May you enjoy a peaceful weekend.
on behalf of Waves and Water Caretaking Council

We begin anew this Thursday and Saturday

Dear Friends

We have come to the end of our August summer break – we hope you have had a nourishing time. Waves and Water Sangha will be resuming our Thursday night gatherings on September 6 at Mountain Rain Zendo from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

The beginning of a new practice period offers us an opportunity to renew our commitment to our practice. Please join us on September 6 as we offer the Ceremony for the Recitation of the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

On Saturday, September 8, we will have the first of our four Days of Mindfulness during the next year. You will find information concerning Days of Mindfulness at this link. Please arrive by 9:45 and remember to bring a bag lunch for our formal meal. We will finish at 3:00.

Please register in advance if you can by emailing []. This will help us to prepare for the day.

Thank you for your continued support – financial, moral and, most of all, your practice. Your generosity makes our sangha gatherings possible.

No Sangha gatherings in August.

Waves and Water Sangha will not be gathering during the month of August.

Please join us again on Thursday, September 6 for the Ceremony for the Recitation of the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

May you have a nourishing summer.

Celebrating Alda – Thursday July 19 7:00 p.m.

Dear Friends –

On Thursday, July 19, we will be celebrating Alda, our Sangha sister and OI Aspirant. She will soon be moving to Edmonton with Sean and Tien. We have been so blessed with her presence since the very beginnings of Waves and Water Sangha. The grace and depth of Alda’s practice has helped to shape our community for the past seven years – so, she will always be with us.

We will hold this celebration as part of our regular Sangha gathering . We will have a simple social potluck at 7pm, followed by sitting, walking and singing! Please plan to arrive a little earlier if you are able so that we can set up mindfully.

Please join us to offer love and appreciation to our Alda and to release the family with our blessings.

Place : Mountain Rain Zen Community (2016 Wall Street, Vancouver)
When: Thursday, July 19, 7 pm
Please bring : vegetarian dishes to share. Tea will be provided.

Saturday July 28 – Practice with Dharma Teacher Trish Thompson

Dear friends

Please join on this wonderful Day of Mindfulness with Dharmacharya Trish Thompson: A Journey on the Path of Social Justice and Loving Work

Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 10:00 to 3:00
Waves and Water Sangha: 2016 Wall Street in East Vancouver

Please register by contacting
Cost: Sliding scale $20 to $35 plus Danna for the Teacher

For more information concerning Days of Mindfulness please see:

There are cushions, benches and chairs.
PLEASE BRING A BAG LUNCH. Tea will be provided

TRISH THOMPSON, CHAN AN DINH (TRUE CONCENTRATION ON PEACE) is founder of the Loving Work Foundation and serves as its managing director

From the website: [TRISH] has been living and building community in Viet Nam for over a decade, drawing on a lifetime of dedicated engagement in diverse cultures around the globe A native South Carolinian (USA), she … has travelled extensively for work and pleasure, and has done social work with communities of most of the ethnic minority groups in the U.S. ….

She became a student of the Zen Master, the Venerable Thích Nh?t H?nh. in 1997. … Knowing of her love for the country and her commitment to live and work there, he encouraged her to organize Mindful retreats in Viet Nam and to continue the social work he and his earliest students began there in the mid-1960′s.

June 28 cancellation

Dear friends -

We have just discovered there are chemical fumes in the Zendo. They are significant enough to cause illness.

This evening’s gathering has been cancelled.

With gratitude, Caretaking Council