Waves and Water, Waves and Water

Good afternoon dear friends –

Please join us this evening for the Ceremony to Recite the Five Mindfulness Trainings. What better time to affirm renewed spiritual practice than the spring when so much new life surrounds us. And then the rain and the wind and the voices of doubt swirl round us and doesn’t it just make sense to stay back inside where habit energies appear to be so comforting?

And yet, we continue to plant new seeds, water old seeds and weed the small patch of earth over which we have some compassionate control! And isn’t it better to tend our garden among good spiritual friends?

Our second Thursday, we will explore what it means to practice as a Bodhissatva/Ecossatva in the midst of calm and in the midst of turmoil. We will invoke a Bodhissatva’s names and explore our yeah-but reactions to whatever arises within us.

Our third Thursday, we will explore the practice of watering positive seeds in ourselves and in others despite what appear to be overwhelming odds.

Our fourth Thursday will begin a series based on the “Declaration of Climate Emergency” that different earth-based Buddhist groups have put forward as a commitment to change.

Our fifth Thursday will be silent as we sit, walk, sit, walk, share tea, sit, walk and, finally, take refuge….

Offering the practice of exhalation, your Caretaking Council

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