Thursday Night Practice

On Thursday evenings we practice two periods of sitting meditation (20 minutes) and walking meditation (10 minutes) during the first hour. We have tea service, followed by meditation and mindfulness practices including chanting, Touching the Earth, deep relaxation and Dharma study. The first Thursday of each month we focus on the Mindfulness Trainings and talk together about our practice.


When you come to the practice centre at 2016 Wall Street [click here for map and directions], you will come from the street into an entry way where you can leave your coats and shoes, bags and water bottles, etc. If you do not want to leave valuables in the entry way, please take them through to the kitchen (behind the meditation hall). There is also a washroom just off the kitchen.

If you are coming to practice with Waves and Water Sangha for the first time, please let the Greeter in the entry way know!

Please arrive by 6:45 in order to be settled in the meditation hall by 6:55 for the 7:00 bell. If you are not able to be settled in the meditation hall before the 7:00 welcome, there will be chairs just inside the door of meditation hall where you may practice until the end of the first sitting period (approximately 7:25). When the small bell sounds for standing before walking, you may walk to an empty zabuton (mat). Someone will be sitting near the door to help you find a place and, if necessary, a suitable cushion, chair or bench.

Please do not enter the meditation hall from the kitchen or the entry way during sitting meditation. If you need to use the washroom or get a drink urgently during sitting meditation, please leave the hall mindfully and wait until the sitting period ends before re-entering the hall.


Once we have entered the Meditation Hall, we maintain silence.

Please find an empty mat and a cushion, bench or chair that will support your practice. You will be able to tell if there is an “empty” space because it won’t have a person or shawl or bell on it! You may move whatever cushion, chair, or bench you need to the empty mat. If you need to lie down during meditation, please ask for help in finding a space that will support your practice. Please fill the side mats before moving to the middle.

During the first or second period of walking you may leave the meditation hall to use the washroom or to have a drink of water, etc. Please do not use water bottles, etc., in the meditation hall. At the end of each walking period please feel free to find a more suitable cushion or chair.


We make every effort to finish our evening at 9:00. Please enjoy mindful talking with new and old Sangha friends following the Dedication of Merit. You may also help restore the meditation hall or wash and put away the tea cups.


We appreciate the generosity of all those who gather to practice.

Service Dana allows us to share the tasks of greeting practitioners and helping them settle, sounding the bells, preparing and serving tea, arranging and restoring the meditation hall, distributing information about the Sangha and participating in the CareTaking Council. Please let Bethan or Susu know if you would like to offer your Service.

Financial Dana allows us meet our expenses of rent and materials. We need approximately $400/month to sustain our Sangha. The suggested contribution is from $5 to $20 per gathering. NO practitioner will be turned away because they cannot offer financial support at that moment. You will find a basket marked DANA – WITH GRATITUDE in the kitchen. We can accept cheques made to “Waves and Water Sangha Vancouver.” It is very helpful if Sangha members offer a regular monthly donation! If you have any questions please feel free to talk with SuSu Myint.

Mountain Rain Zen Community We are fortunate to have as our hosts Mountain Rain Zen Community. They have developed their Community over the last many years and we benefit from their mats and cushions and benches and chairs, their tea cups and kettles and trays, their open-hearted generosity.