Days of Mindfulness

When we gather together for a Day of Mindfulness we have the opportunity to deepen our practice in silence with the Sangha. Away from our usual distractions, we can follow our breath, smile, walk and eat in mindfulness, surrounded by our sisters and brothers in the practice.

Most Days of Mindfulness include periods of sitting and walking and a sutra service in the morning followed by a formal meal, deep relaxation, and a focused exploration of some element of practice. There will be Dharma discussion. Please bring a bag lunch! Tea will be provided.

Days of Mindfulness will be posted on the right hand side bar of every page in this website. At the top this sidebar you have the opportunity to Subscribe via Email to our Blog Posts which will inform you of each Day of Mindfulness.

Here is a sample schedule:

9:45      Arrival and settling in the meditation hall
10:00     Sitting and walking meditation
11:30     Sutra Service (Chanting) followed by a break
12:00 Walking meditation and sitting meditation
12:30     Lunch (brown bag with tea provided)
1:00      Practice activity particular to the day
2:15      Dharma sharing
2:45      Dedication of Practice
2:50      Closing – Restoring the Meditation Hall